The IKEA FRÄCK make-up and shaving mirror is a simple and very inexpensive mirror. Unfortunately, it does not have any lighting. I have designed a ring light that can be mounted easily and directly using the mirror’s side mounting screws. The ring light is mounted in such a way that the mirror can still be swivelled and rotated freely. The front cover can either be omitted or printed from transparent filament.

The light source is 12 V LED strips that are cut to length. The whole thing is powered by an 18650 Li-Ion battery. The voltage is raised from the battery voltage to 12 V using a small DC-DC step-up converter. A 1S BMS provides the necessary deep discharge protection.


DC-DC Step Up Boost Converter

1S 15A 3.7V Li-Ion Lithium Lion Battery Protection Board

PETG White

PETG Transparent