Due to the work on our expedition vehicle, electronic projects always require high electrical currents. I have built a new power supply unit for this and used the Riden RD6024 laboratory power supply unit in combination with a 48 V, 31 A switching power supply unit as the basis. This gives the RD6024 in my version an output of 1100 W at a maximum of 48 V and 24 A.

I created the housing for the power supply unit using the “Ultimate Box Maker” from Thingiverse user Heartman and adapted its dimensions to the laboratory power supply module and the switching power supply unit. I adapted the upper and lower half shells of his customizer and provided them with large honeycomb-shaped openings for ventilation. The back is solid, but printed without upper and lower cover layers, which automatically creates a grid structure over the infill. The front has cut-outs for the module, a power switch and a 230 V fuse.

List of Material
RIDEN RD6024 Lab Power Supply Module

Power Supply 48 V, 31 A, 1500 W