I have extended the cleaning principle of my bottle washer (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4833954) to a version that does not require an external pump and can be operated directly in the dishwasher.
This involves removing the lower rotor of the dishwasher (we have the IKEA HJÄLPSAM model (https://www.ikea.com/de/de/manuals/hjalpsam-einbaugeschirrspuler-a__AA-575040-3.pdf) and replacing it with the bottle washer.

As with the previous model, the basic body is 3D-printed, whereby it is essential to use temperature-stable material! The drying temperature specified by dishwasher manufacturers is far higher than the water temperature during the rinsing process. The hot water vapor during the drying process results in a very good heat transfer, which is sufficient for the dimensional stability of most filaments. I printed the base body from temperature-stable Formlabs High-Temp Resin and had no problems with it. have used brass tubes with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 200 mm. To achieve a good cleaning effect, the tubes must be slit crosswise at the upper opening lengthwise approx. 10 mm. This is best done with a dremel (or similar).