A colleague supplies us with quail eggs from own breeding. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the special egg cartons for the small quail eggs. Therefore, the old and worn egg carton is hoarded like a sanctuary.

I have accordingly designed and 3D-printed a beautiful and stable transport box for 12 quail eggs. The eggs have a secure hold in it and are sufficiently protected by the stable shape. The box is closed on the back by means of three hinges for which 3x M3 x 20 mm screws with nuts are needed. On the front, a hook engages the lower part.

3D printing

I printed both half-shells from white, respectively black ERYONE PETG. For the two-color image, I printed the half-shell lying on the image side. First the bottom layers in white, then a color change to black, and after three layers back to white. The other half shell with the openings facing down. Support material may be needed here. Both parts printed in 0.3 mm layer height with a 20% fill and three outer layers.