In our dishwasher, the grid on the bottom rivet of the cutlery basket was broken in several places. The material was obviously too thin or not durable enough. The holes in the grid repeatedly allowed cutlery to fall through and blocked the rotation of the rotor during the rinsing process.

Since I did not like the layout of the original cutlery basket anyway, I decided to print a cutlery basket myself.

Due to the requirements of chemical resistance to the cleaning agents and especially the resistance to the temperature, the selection of the right filament was difficult. The problem here is not the temperature during the rinsing process, but the subsequent drying and the resulting water vapor.

I chose ASA from Formfutura, which has excellent thermal and chemical resistance and is very easy to print and process.

I designed the cutlery basket to allow enough water to enter through large openings in the sides for the rinse cycle, while also designing the bottom sturdy enough to keep it from breaking again.

The cutlery basket has been in use for several months with success.