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The buckles on both sides of my Ortlieb OFFICE-BAG bicycle bag are broken (like so many others). This means that the bag can no longer be closed.
Since the buckles are sewn into the tabs of the lid, it is not easy to replace them. Either the flap must be cut open and professionally sewn back together or the whole bag must be disposed of. Which, of course, is out of the question.

So I thought of something myself. The old and broken buckle is simply cut off. I designed a special repair buckle that can be attached with a screw. The buckle is also more solid and a little longer. This makes it much easier to close the bag when it is very full. It sits tight and does not come loose easily.

My repair buckle can be fixed with a stainless steel screw, which eliminates the need to cut the tabs and makes the buckle universal and easy to replace.

Suitable for: Office-Bag, Office-Bag QL3.1, Gravel Pack, Sport Roller City, Back-Roller City QL1, Office-Bab High Visibility, Back-Roller etc.

Scope of delivery: repair buckle, screw with nut.

Assembly: A 2.5 mm Allen wrench, and a 5 mm wrench or nut are needed

I please the repair buckle in two variants:

Long: Compared to the original extended version to be able to close even full pockets
Extra long: Extended again to be able to accommodate even the evening shopping

Features and further details

Stable: Reinforced version made of weatherproof and impact-resistant plastic. Firm hold: Particularly tight and therefore secure clamping. No more unintentional loosening of the buckle.
Accurate fit: Multiple revised version to achieve the best fit with the highest possible strength.
Individual adjustments: Should you require deviating dimensions or special shapes, individual customization is possible at any time.
Manufacturing in 3D printing: Modern and trend-setting manufacturing in 3D printing. This results in clearly visible layer formation due to the production process. This is technically conditioned and characteristic for additive manufacturing techniques.