Suspension forks and unfortunately many rigid bicycle forks do not have attachment points for low rider bicycle luggage carrier. With suspension forks, it is usually argued that it could come to a swinging and thus to speed wobble. In practice, this depends heavily on the mass on the front wheel and is in fact completely negligible.
I have constructed universal brackets here that are clamped via four screws. Thus they fit any type. I have constructed a separate variant specifically for the Tubus Tara luggage carrier.

I have this bracket for six months on a suspension fork in daily use with luggage. So far, no problems have occurred.


I recommend impact and weather resistant material like PETG, ASA or ABS.
It should be printed upright to increase stability via the position of the layers. A layer height of 0.2 mm with a filling of at least 50 % have proven to be very stable.


12 M5 nuts and four M5 x 10 mm cylinder head bolts are required for assembly. In addition, six M5 cylinder head screws (higher stability) and two M5 countersunk screws (necessary to be able to move the arm at the tube tare freely) whose length depends on the diameter of the suspension fork needed. I have provided a corresponding fit for all nuts.

During assembly, be sure to tighten the screws evenly, preferably with a torque wrench.