Universal battery charging slot for all available types of battery round cells.
Any primary or secondary cell can be permanently clamped and connected to a measuring instrument, laboratory power supply or electronic load.

The current collectors are pressed firmly onto the battery terminals via the spring, which provides a reliable and reproducible result.

This device is available in three variants:

Variant 1
Holder which is printed in one piece. The clamping force is provided by the spring (outer diameter 19 mm, inner diameter 16.5 mm, length 75 mm).
Print with support lying on the back. The support can be removed during post-processing. Grinding of the surface is necessary here. Separate the slide rails with a scalpel beforehand. Works well and is the variant recommended by me with the highest reliability and stability. The small box for the banana plug sockets must be printed separately and then glued on.

Variant 2
As variant 1 with spring but in individual parts that must then be glued together.

Variant 3
In separate parts that need to be glued together and two separate hooks for a rubber band (for those who want to save the spring).