Stable mounting for a quick-grab small fire extinguisher (maximum diameter 110 mm) in the motorhome or caravan. A lying position is provided.
The bracket is three-part to be as flexible as possible and adapt to the conditions in the motorhome. The fire extinguisher is attached with a separate strap (maximum width of the strap 44 mm).
The bracket is very stable and has proven itself even on bumpy gravel roads.


I recommend using heat-stable filament such as PETG, ASA or ABS, as PLA loses its shape in the summer months in a warm car. A layer height of 0.2 mm with a filling of 20 % for the two supports and 50 % for the belt holder have proven to be very stable.


Six 4 mm pan head or flat head screws are required. Indentations are provided for the screw heads. Furthermore, a strap with an easy and quick to use buckle with a maximum width of 44 mm.