This is a bracket for attaching a tarp or awning to the rain gutter of a car or camper van. This model is specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter up to year of manufacture 2006, but should be universally applicable. The holder consists of two parts. A strip which is placed in the gutter and a C-shaped counterpart which presses the strip tight.

The strip is placed in the gutter with the rounded side down. On the underside, an M5 nut is pressed into the recess provided. On the top side, two M3 washers with a maximum diameter of 6.5 mm are inserted for reinforcement.
Two M5 nuts are also pressed into the inside of the C-shaped counterpart.

Once the strip has been completed and inserted into the gutter, the C-shaped counterpart with the three openings facing upwards is fitted.
With the two outer screws (2x M5 x 18 mm) the strip is pressed into the rain gutter. The bracket can no longer slip. For additional hold a strip of double-sided adhesive tape can be put underneath.
Place an M5 nut and a washer on the central screw (M5 x 45 mm, hex). Then tighten the screw until the stop. This creates a counter force to the two outer screws. Then tighten the nut on the central screw. The central screw is now connected to the bracket at two points. Now you can attach a tarp or awning to this holder.

The bracket has proven itself over the years and has already endured some strong gusts of wind. When printing make sure to use weather and UV resistant filament such as PETG, or ASA.