Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Planning and development of simple components and prototypes up to complex assemblies, optimized for manufacturing in 3D printing. Customer-oriented, cost-effective and individual solutions for one-off and small batch production through customer-oriented and open planning.


Sebastian Feles – Assorted Scientific Services


My latest designs and prints

  • Portable Mini Universal Laboratory Power Supply XYS3580
    Housing for a compact, portable XYS3580 universal laboratory power supply.The XYS3580 is an elegantly designed laboratory power supply module which can operate as a DC-DC boost converter in CC and … Read more
  • Shoulder strap clips suitable for Ortlieb Office-Bag
    9,95 € zzgl. Versandkosten Belt clips for easy attachment of the shoulder strap, suitable for Ortlieb Office-Bag. For easy, quick and secure attachment of the shoulder strap while riding. Suitable … Read more
  • Small table lamp
    I have constructed a small table lamp for the bedside table, inspired by the old shapes and design features of the Bauhaus school of work. The lamp is printed in … Read more
  • Quad toothbrush holder with drain holes
    Ein schneller Remix des Zahnbürstenhalters des Nutzers JMSchwartz11. Wir hatten seine Version längere Zeit in Benutztung.Nach kurzer Zeit der Benutzung hat sich in den Vertiefungen und unter dem Halter ein … Read more
  • Tape dispeser for Kapton tape
    A tape dispenser made from a printed with a tear-off blade made from a jigsaw blade. The design is originally from Thingiverse user Deltabox. Perfect for storing multiple rolls of … Read more
  • Duplo compatible dining table
    I constructed a suitable dining table for the old 1980s Duplo House set.The original table consists of two halves that have always fallen off when playing. The table I constructed … Read more
  • Egg box for quail eggs
    A colleague supplies us with quail eggs from own breeding. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the special egg cartons for the small quail eggs. Therefore, the old and … Read more
  • Repair of a WMF Kult milk frother
    The WMF Kult milk frother is a manually operated device that rotates the whisk via an up and down movement and thereby froths the milk. The principle of operation is … Read more
  • Cutlery basket for dishwasher
    In our dishwasher, the grid on the bottom rivet of the cutlery basket was broken in several places. The material was obviously too thin or not durable enough. The holes … Read more
  • New scientific publication about the neuroblastoma cell line SH-SY5Y
    After many years of hard work, my first first author publication was accepted at MDPI: Methods and Protocols. The paper has been published as open access and can be freely … Read more
  • Smoking pipe holder with ashtray and cork to knock out
    A pipe ashtray with tray for two pipes. The two trays are designed so that even top-heavy exemplars or small travel pipes do not fall out and have a secure … Read more
  • Stand for decorative tiles
    Simple stand for holding decorative tiles. Two small detents ensure that the tile does not slide down. The angle of lean is 80 °. The width of the support is … Read more
  • Spatula and mixing plate for two-component adhesives
    Simple but very useful mixing plate with spade for viscous two-component adhesives. Both parts are optimized for fast and cheap printing to meet a single use. The mixing plate has … Read more
  • Cardanically suspended and fourfold ball bearing beverage holder
    Suspension of a vessel holder from a rack by means of two intersecting perpendicular pivot bearings. Sturdy construction made of weather- and sea-resistant plastic with stainless steel screw connections. Two … Read more
  • Outside Calipers
    Outside calipers for measuring and transmitting outside diameter. Maximum opening 140 mm and 180 mm. Made of weatherproof and impact resistant, non-electrically conductive plastic with low thermal expansion. Material PETG … Read more
  • Universal repair buckle
    I designed and 3d printed a universal repair buckle for broken strap buckles on bags or backpacks.Most buckles have the female part of the buckle sewn in tightly, but the … Read more
  • Adapter for supporting a marble plate on a radiator
    Due to floor-to-ceiling windows, we lack a windowsill for all our plants. We had a marble slab cut for the radiator. But in order to provide sufficient convection, a certain … Read more
  • Removable bars for IKEA Gulliver baby bed
    Spring end caps to remove and replace the bars on the IKEA Gulliver crib. To assemble, carefully saw out three bars. Then use a chisel to clean the holes in … Read more
  • Window louvers for camper van
    Our expedition vehicle based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 leaves only a few options to ventilate properly from the factory. Due to the curvature of the vehicle’s sides, it immediately … Read more
  • Magnetic clamp for curtains in camper van
    Flexible magnetic clamp to attach curtains to the center pillars in the motorhome. The clamp consists of four parts with three joints. The attachment is made via strong neodymium magnets.Three … Read more
  • Clamping claw for micro milling machine
    Inspired by a no longer needed ITEM system profile I had the idea to build a small miniature milling machine from old parts. I will report about this separately. I … Read more
  • UV photography using longpass filter
    Typical for modern digital photography is the protection of the image sensor against UV-A and UV-B radiation in the wavelength range of 280 – 380 nm​1​. For this purpose UV … Read more
  • 160 W laboratory power supply
    I wanted to have as compact, small and flexible a laboratory power supply as possible with a maximum output voltage of 32 V and 5 A. It was especially important … Read more
  • Optimization of the extrusion temperature with a heat tower on a Creality Ender 3 Pro and the Prusa slicer
    In 3D printing, the extrusion temperature, i.e. the optimum melting temperature of the filament plastic used, is of considerable importance. Manufacturers usually specify a recommended temperature range for this. Depending … Read more
  • Laboratory power supply for monitored USB power feed
    Power supply via USB is practically an industry standard for many devices nowadays. Originally only intended to supply power to small devices such as computer mouse or keyboard, the USB … Read more
  • Repair buckle suitable for Ortlieb bicycle bags
    4,45 € plus shipping The buckles on both sides of my Ortlieb OFFICE-BAG bicycle bag are broken (like so many others). This means that the bag can no longer be … Read more
  • Inside caliper with scale
    For a customer order, I was to insert an intermediate layer within a flower vase at a certain height. Due to the height and shape of the vase, which tapered … Read more
  • Funnel holder for IKEA jar
    The duration of use of frying oil depends largely on the smoke point. Impurities reduce the temperature at which the smoke point is reached. Accordingly, after each frying process, the … Read more
  • One 18650 battery instead of eight AA batteries for rc control
    The manufacturer has provided eight AA batteries with a cell voltage of 1.5 V for the RC model remote control. These are connected in series to achieve a final voltage … Read more
  • Stable and full protection mobile phone holder for motorbike
    Introduction Commercially available mobile phone holders for the motorbike are either too unsafe or far too expensive for me. In the case of the former, this is certainly because the … Read more
  • 9-button extension for CAD 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse
    A CAD navigation tool is a great help for the construction and three-dimensional orientation in a technical drawing. A colleague of mine once said that it later feels like a … Read more
  • Simple spacers for balcony flower boxes
    3D printing is the perfect tool to fix little things in everyday life that are always annoying but too time-consuming to fix with other methods. The new brackets to attach … Read more
  • Tool for opening car wet batteries
    Tool to open the individual cells of a car battery. As a friend of classic lead wet batteries that you can still maintain and refill with deionized water or sulfuric … Read more
  • Universal battery charging slot
    Universal battery charging slot for all available types of battery round cells.Any primary or secondary cell can be permanently clamped and connected to a measuring instrument, laboratory power supply or … Read more
  • Universal mount (inclusive suspension fork) for low rider bicycle luggage carrier
    Introduction Suspension forks and unfortunately many rigid bicycle forks do not have attachment points for low rider bicycle luggage carrier. With suspension forks, it is usually argued that it could … Read more
  • Walkie-talkie modified into a baby monitor
    Commercially available baby monitors are ridiculously overpriced, usually only allow one-way communication and cannot be used for any other application. Once the child has outgrown the device, it is useless. … Read more
  • Paper towel holder with threaded rod for more stabilty
    I first used the paper towel holder from user “kr15_uk” for my motorhome, but always had the problem that the roll unrolled by itself or fell off completely. I put … Read more
  • Bottle cage for camper
    Introduction Simple, flexible but very stable holder for large 1.5 l bottles and Nalgene wide mouth bottles.The holder is deliberately designed in two parts to be able to freely choose … Read more
  • Bracket for small fire extinguisher in camper van
    Introduction Stable mounting for a quick-grab small fire extinguisher (maximum diameter 110 mm) in the motorhome or caravan. A lying position is provided.The bracket is three-part to be as flexible … Read more
  • Magnetic sponge tray for sink
    Introduction Sponge tray that can be magnetically attached to the inside of the sink. In this way, residual water drips directly into the sink and, despite the holder, the full … Read more
  • Small under cabinet reading lamp for camper
    Introduction Very compact and space-saving under-cabinet reading lamp for LED strips. I have designed the lamp so that the overall height is as low as possible (limited by the switch). … Read more
  • Small universal stand for centrifuge tubes and microlitre tubes
    Small universal stand for 50 ml and 15 ml centrifuge tubes (such as Falcon tubes) as well as 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml and 2 ml microlitre tubes (such as Eppendorf … Read more
  • Improvements of my sand polisher
    Introduction After prolonged operation of my sand polisher, the problem of the glass jumping off the guide gears due to the axially opposing force occurred again and again. As a … Read more
  • Determination of the relative density of filaments with a pycnometer
    Introduction All common slicers for 3D printing require the specification of the relative density of the filament. This information has no influence on the printing behavior, but is required to … Read more
  • Sand Polisher
    Introduction I have a 3d printed sand polisher from different designs from various users at Thingiverse. Especially for small 3d printed parts made of PETG, where the surface is often … Read more
  • Microscope Ringlight
    Introduction Circular, uniform and bright illumination is an essential requirement in stereomicroscopy. Unfortunately, cheap ringlights are either not bright enough or too simple in design. Industrial illumination systems for stereomicroscopes … Read more
  • Universal bottle washer for the sink
    Introduction For quite some time I have been annoyed by the fact that it takes a lot of effort to clean bottles. In the dishwasher they do not get properly … Read more
  • Laser measuring device for the sharpening angle of knives (Laser Goniometer)
    In addition to the steel alloy, the grinding angle of the blade is decisive for the sharpness and service life of a knife blade. The smaller the angle, the thinner … Read more
  • Housing for Mean Well LRS-100 power supply unit
    Simple but functional housing for the Mean Well LRS-100 power supply series. I have provided large dimensioned ventilation openings, as well as two mounting points for the power supply. Two … Read more
  • Cable comb with 10 slots for measurement cables
    A simple cable comb created from Thingiverse user NT7S fantastic openSCAD customizer. Unfortunately the Thingiverse customizer doesn’t work anymore, but the file can be opened without problems with openSCAD and edited directly there.I have taken … Read more
  • Microscope ocular (eyepiece) protection cap
    Dust and grease are the biggest enemy of good optics. Of course, this is especially true for microscopes and telescopes. As a matter of principle, every microscope should be covered … Read more
  • A microscopic view of dull and sharpened knife blades
    Knife blades become dull with the time of their use. On the one hand, the steel wears out (nicks) and on the other hand, the finely ground phase bends. Both … Read more
  • Mounting frame for window in printer housing
    I opted for a purely utilitarian but highly functional housing for my printer. No colorful and flashing lights, no gimmicks. For me, it’s a working machine and I’ve never seen … Read more
  • Sorting trays for stacking with holding frame
    Sorting trays with nine numbered compartments. Each tray is 30 x 30 mm, 10 mm deep and has rounded edges and corners on all sides for easier removal of components. … Read more
  • Tarp holder for rain gutter of a car
    This is a bracket for attaching a tarp or awning to the rain gutter of a car or camper van. This model is specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter up to … Read more
  • Hotend cooler MK2 for Creality Ender 3 with 60 mm fan is released
    I was dissatisfied with the freely available coolers for my applications and so decided to design my own version. The most important feature for me was the use of a 60 mm axial fan to be able to guarantee a high volume flow and thus excellent cooling performance. This is crucial when using high-temperature filaments (e.g. nylon) and at high installation temperatures (e.g. ASA > 60 °C). Hotend cooling is required to restrict extrusion to the heater and nozzle. Without sufficient cooling, the heat will rise and cause clogging. I optimized the cooler for the MicroSwiss Hotend at my Creality Ender 3 Pro.